Abrasive blasting services

Abrasive blasting services – Anticorrosive protection and irreproachable cleaning

One of the most effective methods for cleaning and preparing surfaces for dyeing or metallizing consist in abrasive blasting.
Technological operations in this category have the role of removing the: rust, slag, dirt, old layers of material or any other types of contaminants that can affect the surfaces both aesthetically and functionally.
On the strength of the blasting technologies we use, Ackrobat professionals clean and brush up different types of surfaces, such as those made from: glass, stone, fiber glass, metal or any other solid materials that require rapid and in-depth cleaning.
Following the blasting operation, we get appropriate profiles for applying new layers of paint, metallic materials, etc.

Custom abrasive blasting methods for each project

Depending on the surface which must be blasted and dimensions, complexity of work and desired productivity, our specialists use more types of equipment and installations, including:

  • Abrasive sandblasting – A recommended method for metallic structures or for projects which imply restoration of facades and other surfaces with consistent deposits.

The materials used are of high hardness, and the operation consists in propelling the particles at high speeds directly onto the surface of the objects targeted;


  • Abrasive blasting with sodium bicarbonate – Soda blasting it’s a process used to recondition more delicate surfaces, such as those made of glass.

The particles of this chemical compound have a lower hardness, which provides a smoother action on the blasted materials;


  • Dry steam blasting – Superheated steam has the ability to destroy bacteria and remove dirt, grease and other debris, even in the heaviestly accessible places.

Since no chemical solvents are used, this method can be used for various industrial applications;


  • Hydroblasting – Strong water jetting is generally used for cleaning and maintenance of machines and equipment, highways, exhaust systems, etc;


  • Carbon ice blasting – This ecological and non-corrosive method is the latest breakthrough in the field of abrasive blasting work and it proves to be useful for many types of applications.
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Abrasive blasting is a quick and safe process of preparing surfaces that can not be cleaned by other methodsThis is done with granular abrasive materials, metallic alloys, liquids or compressed air, all of which are propelled at impressive speeds.
Their energy is strong enough to remove any traces of rust or deposits of materials accumulated over time, preparing surfaces for dyeing or applying other professional treatments.
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