Rope access

Alpinism utilitar (1)
Alpinism utilitar (1)
Rope access – Professional interventions at any altitude

The practice of rope access is performed in difficult conditions and implies risks of injury, and still is considered the most efficient high altitude work method.
When all equipment is used properly, the interventions at high altitude are safer than using any other technical devices that act on the principle of the pulley, such as overhead cranes or scaffolding.
Ackrobat Profesional guarantees fast execution of works with minimal expenses and a high degree of safety due to the modern rope access techniques and equipment that ensure optimal working conditions for our professionals.
We provide professional rope access services for cleaning and maintenance of building facades, repairs, installation at height and various other interventions in difficult-to-reach locations.


What benefits do rope access services offer?

When there is a problem of accessing difficult-to-reach areas, climbers are the ones who can act regardless of the location, height or type of work in progress.
Besides low costs and increased efficiency, rope access has many other benefits compared to other working techniques at height:

  • Maximum Operability – Rope access technicians are ready to intervene as fast as possible, regardless of the scale of the project.
  • Unlimited access opportunities – Difficult–to-reach areas and very high places are the specialty of those who are active in this field, so there is no working point where the technicians cannot reach.
  • Optimal working conditions – Because it does not block any access paths or create disturbances during interventions, the places on which they are working can operate under normal conditions, without obstructing access or nearby traffic.
  • One company, several specialties – Rope access technicians manage to perform a lot of different activities when they work at height (window cleaning, repairs, facade painting, etc) so that the customer achieves his objectives promptly.
  • Lower costs compared to classical methods of high altitude intervention.


The challenges of rope access are fulfilled anytime, anywhere and at any height by Ackrobat professionals

Regardless of the work area we are asked for, our team of rope access technicians responds professionally to any challenge.
Our staff is specialized in various technological branches, so they have skills in painting, building, masonry, cleaning, welding, repairs, etc.
In addition, we have equipment that ensures safe, accident-free interventions, all the working rules in force being strictly and professionally respected.
For more information on rope access services, please contact Ackrobat Profesional specialists.