Self propelled work platforms

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Self propelled work platforms – Efficiency, mobility and impressive execution speed

High-end working machines are ideal for transporting materials and work equipment as well as people at considerable heights.
Secure, economical and reliable, they allow workers to work in a flexible, highly variable, working position.
At the core of Acktual Professional’s activity is a complete range of self-guiding platforms that help us to expand our range of applications.

They are available both for rent and / or sale and can be used for commercial and industrial purposes such as:

  • Construction and maintenance of facades;
  • Thermal rehabilitation;
  • Externals platings;
  • Renovations of installations, decorations or roofs;
  • Demolition etc.


The machines we use are modern, easy to maintain and are manufactured in accordance with national and international quality and safety standards.
After each use or rental period, the self propelled work platforms are carefully checked and prepared for a new customer.


Rental services for self propelled work platforms

These self propelled work platforms cannot be missed out of a company fleet that it’s operating in a domain involving high-altitude activities.
For our company, self propelled platforms are indispensable, because they help us to save time and reduce, considerably, the execution time of the works.
Purchasing such equipment may become an unnecessary investment if the project requirements are limited.
That is why our rental services are recommended for those who want to use these self propelled work platforms for a limited time, until the project is completed.
No doubt, for long-term rental contracts, we offer advantageous rates.


For personalized offers, contact the Ackrobat professionals

If you are looking for high-end work equipment, our rental / sales services are the ideal alternative for you.
Our technical staff is at your disposal for more information and technical assistance so that the equipment could be used in optimal conditions.
We also handle maintenance and service of the machines, customer satisfaction being important for the entire Ackrobat Professional team.