Degreasing and sanitation halls

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Degreasing and sanitation halls – Professional health services

With the technological advance and remarkable progress in the industry, cleaning standards have also grown in modern production units.
Cleaning and sanitation services and procedures are essential to provide employees with a healthy and comfortable working environment and extend the service life of machines and equipment used in the production process.
Ackrobat Profesional provides and promotes a wide range of industrial cleaning services such as degreasing and sanitation of production or storage halls.
With the help of our professionals, you can maintain the production lines clean and ensure the quality of the finished products and parts, without endangering your health due to the accumulation of toxic substances.


We take care of cleaning services, you take care of the company’s profitability

Why ask your employees to maintain and sanitize the work environment when there are specialized cleaning services for industrial areas?
By taking over these additional tasks, the staff loses precious time and no longer offer the same performance to increase company productivity.
That is why we provide all necessary support for the maintenance of these spaces so that the activities of your business can be carried out in optimal conditions.


Principles of operation – Dedication, technique, and professionalism – Ackrobat hallmark

Because we want to excel in industrial cleaning, our services are tailored to the needs of each customer.
Besides equipment, cleaning products, technology and skilled workforce, our experience enables us to approach each activity differently, so that we get the best results.
By degreasing and sanitation halls services we understand the performance of several activities, such as cleaning and disinfection of ventilation ducts, incinerators, machinery and automatic equipment, evacuation units, windows, stairs, transport hinges, etc.
All these are sanitized with certified products that act on fat depositions, dust, dirt and other substances efficiently and without affecting the health of those who work in the spaces that we take care of.


Sanitation services dedicated to the environment and people

Because we respect the environment and we take pride in our impeccable moral conduct, our services are designed to combine usefulness with pleasure, but also to maintain the balance between man and nature.
For these reasons, we only use materials and equipment that comply with national and European standards and we are always looking for new smart degreasing and sanitation solutions for industrial halls.
For more information, contact Ackrobat Profesional representatives.