Mechanized painting equipments

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Sustainable finishes with mechanized painting equipments

Facade and inner walls of a building play an important role for beauty and comfort of people living or who access the respective building.
By applying the washable paint available in many variants, in terms of texture, color and coating power, any space can be customized in an original manner.

Ackrobat Professional company has a range of professional painting equipment suitable for any type of job.
We perform airless mechanical paintings in the residential and industrial segment, with any type of paint, whether for interior or exterior designs.

Ackrobat professionals have extensive technical and practical experience in the field of decorative and protective finishes, such as Wagner airless pumps and other professional equipment for performing mechanized painting at the highest standards and heights.


The main quality of our services? We always reduce the work flow for your benefit

Our services are an excellent alternative to the classic painting system, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
In addition, mechanized application of paint contributes to saving time, but also to reducing material or financial losses.


Advantages of mechanized systems
  • Uniform and fast coverage on large surfaces;
  • Much better homogenized paint before application;
  • Superior quality of the final work;
  • Reduced costs due to airless systems that use less paint;
  • Reduced working time & less effort;
  • Professionals able to work at really high heights.

The final value of the works may vary depending on the size of the project, the necessary staff, the materials used and the time allowed for the completion of the mechanical painting works.


The best mechanical way to apply the paint – Ackrobat Profesional way

Besides the modern equipments we have available and the quality materials we use to achieve aesthetic and durable surfaces, we respect with confidence the way the paint is applied.
After blasting the surfaces and making the necessary local repairs, we remove the dust and apply the primer, then we pulverize the paint in two layers, depending on the composition and the texture.

Ackrobat Profesional – Competence and professionalism at advantageous prices

Because we want to provide our clients with professional services that meet both European standards and the requirements of the current market, we invest consistently in modern mechanized painting equipment, internationally certified.
We make qualitative decorative and protective finishes based on professional products for interior and exterior designs.
For more details or requests, do not hesitate to contact us.